"The need for high-level, in-depth education for professionals
in our industry has never been greater."
— David DiLaura, Rocky Mountain Lighting Academy

Under the umbrella of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, the Rocky Mountain Lighting Academy (RMLA) provides continuing education to professionals working in the lighting industry.

The RMLA's 2016 Summer Lighting Course is a five-day course that provides a solid theoretical background in lighting. Be prepared to be challenged!

Dates: June 6-10, 2016
Location: Boulder, CO
Cost: $3200 (includes meals during the course, and printed materials)


For a full description of the RMLA Summer Lighting Course, please visit the Summer Lighting Course page.

2016 Summer Lighting Course Class Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Welcome & Introduction

Vision and Visual Performance

Review of Basic Science and Mathematics

Spectral Effects

Photometry Basic Optics Light Sources Departure


Fundamental Lighting Quantities Free time in Boulder Luminaire Design Lighting Design  

Top photo: The Ye Group and Brad Baxley, JILA. Bottom: Mark Herboth Photography.